Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cubs have been "Hot" in Games 5 & 6 of World Series

I left Chicago Sunday morning after game 4 & our Cubs bats warmed up big time, after being somewhat cool Friday & Saturday, in games 5 & 6. Great to see so many offensive players get warmed up and of course the pitching, Arrieta and Lester and Chapman (what a trio of All-Star Pitchers) continues to be outstanding. Back to the offense, Chris Bryant, what a nice young man, has homered a couple times; Addison Russell, also tremendous person, has gone "grand slam"; Ben Zobrist, what a dynamic individual who began his college career in a small school baseball program at Mt. Olivet Univ. In Indiana Under the excellent tutelage of Coach Elliott Johnson then finished his career at Dallas Baptist, has been Hot with the bat the entire play-off; Anthony Rizzo, the absolute leader and "Rocky Balboa" of the Cubs offense day to day, has really warmed up and finished the 9th inning of 6th game with a home run. Defense continue to be the best in baseball and with Kyle Hendricks on the mound for game seven Cubs have an excellent opportunity to bring home the World Series Title to Chicago for first time since 1908. Go Cubbies!! Can't wait til game time tonight for 7th and final WA game for 2016.

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