Wednesday, July 22, 2009

“The Double Steal”

The Cotuit Kettleers pulled of 3 sets of “The Double Steal” in last night’s game (July 14th) vs. the Orleans Firebirds. The Double Steal is a fun play to see executed. However, the runners must understand how the timing works from 2nd and 1st base, what the runner at 2nd base must do to have an excellent jump, and the runner at 1st base must key in on what to look for to make sure the lead runner is definitely making the break for 3rd and does not pull up when they do not have a good jump.
First, both runners must get the signal. Next, the lead runner should shorten their lead, decoy the pitcher by leaning on their left leg as if returning to 2nd base, and then explode onto their right leg so their legs are fired and at full speed within three steps. The runner at 1st base must have a good lead so when the runner at 2nd does decide to run they do not get throw out on the back side of the double steal.
The last double steal had Kevin Keyes, Univ. of Texas outfielder on 2nd, and Cameron Rupp, University of Texas catcher on 1st, of which neither has outstanding speed. But, Kevin has very quick feet and had a great jump toward 3rd base and Cameron read Kevin’s jump very well and both slid in safely without a throw. The steal of 3rd does not require great speed but does require “Excellent Baseball Instincts.”

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chad Bell pitches a NO HITTER!!!

Chad Bell pitches a NO HITTER for the Cotuit Kettleers of the Cape Cod Collegiate Baseball League: Sunday night July 12th in the Cape League the Cotuit Kettleers players and coaches had a unique opportunity to play in and witness one of our pitchers, Chad Bell who just completed junior college at Walters State CC in Morristown, Tenn. And is headed to the University of Tennessee this fall, throw a NO HITTER vs. the eastern division leader Chatham Anglers. I have not been on the field to witness a NO Hitter since Greg Norris pitched one when I was coaching the University of North Carolina in 1978 vs. East Tennessee State University at J. Fred Johnson Stadium in Kingsport, Tn. Chad threw 116 pitches with only 11 curve balls in the mix. On our Cotuit team, we utilize the old fashion pitching philosophy of “Push and Pull” and Chad did this with his fastball and change-up extremely well. Most young pitchers of all ages should develop this philosophy. Hitters have a lot of struggles making solid contact against pitchers who keep them off balance with fastballs and change-ups.