Thursday, November 21, 2013

My new Book, Baserunning, with Mike Trout on the Cover is available on Amazon

Base Running and Base Stealing are my passion with-in the over-all teaching of baseball skills. Because of the detailed teaching I was blessed to hear and practice as a professional player in the KC Royals organization, I have embraced teaching athletes to become sprinters around the bases and athletes that anticipate and are always a slight movement ahead of the pitchers movements when between the bases attempting to steal! The Royals gave me the opportunity to participate at the Kansas City Royals Baseball Academy in Sarasota, Fl. For six weeks to learn what they were doing with research & development in many areas of the game. The way Syd Thrift (Director of the Academy), Joe Tanner, Steve Boras and the other futuristic minded coaches developed new techniques to try and dominate the game when stealing and faster ways of circling the bases really caught my attention. I have worked in my coaching career to continue to develop other techniques and to keep their efforts going. My new book, Baserunning with Mike Trout on the cover and foreword by Terry Francona, has my teaching principles for base running and has also taken some of the information in my 1st book titled "You Can't Steal Second Base and Keep Your Foot on First" (with Brian Roberts on the cover) on base stealing and expanded the details. I hope you will purchase my new book, and you can also download my 1st book and base stealing DVD's from

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