Monday, June 22, 2009

Off to a great Start! Tied for 1st place after 6 Games! Stolen 31 out of 38 bases!

As my coaches and I watch Cape League players from both teams each game there is admiration for their athletic ability and strength. We discuss different aspects of the game and enjoy seeing which players improve the most during the season. My staff agrees most college offensive players need to improve their defense, base running/base stealing skills and overall baseball instincts.
Polishing all the skills is very important if a player wants to move beyond college and have a chance to be successful. Since we are coaching on Cape Cod and Red Sox Nation is all around us we talk a lot about Sox players. For example, Dustin Pedroia, had never stolen more than 7 bases in a season in professional baseball until 2008 when he stole 20 of 21. Dustin has gotten quicker with his first few steps through his winter work-out program at Athletes’ Performance in Phoenix, Az. and he has learned more about how to steal against certain pitchers and when is the best situation in the game for him to run. Almost all players can learn to steal more bases if they make this an emphasis in their game.
I am enjoying discussing my team in the Cape League, Cotuit Kettleers, with many fans. We are off to a good start (tied for 1st place after 6 games) and have stolen 31 of 38 stolen base attempts.

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