Monday, January 28, 2019

You have a package on it's way


Dear DHL Recipient,

You have a package coming.
This message was sent to you at the request of Hsn inc to notify you that the shipment has
been sent to our facility. To verify transit status of a parcel, click here to see an invoice.

Thank you for choosing DHL . We look forward to providing you best possible service and fast at the best price. Have questions? For your convenience, we offer you a Customer Service:

For Customer Service, simply click right here.


DHL 2018. DHL . DHLBrandmark, and the colour yellow are images of DHL Express, Inc.
Trademarks, trade names, or service marks that show up in association with DHL are the property of their respective owners.
**Do not reply directly to this letter. DHL will not receive any messages**

This letter holds non-public info and could be private. If you're not the intended recipient, the duplicating or other use of the details of this message is strictly prohibited and you are advised to delete message immediately.

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