Saturday, April 11, 2015

2015 MLB Season is underway

I had such a wonderful experience working alongside the outstanding Cubs minor league coaches and working with the minor league players in Spring Training. The new facility in Mesa gives space to each person and each team which makes for a very positive work space environment. Then, the coaching staff works with each other so collaborative makes it fun and exciting to get on the field each morning. This sets up a motivating teaching situation for each athlete who desires to improve and for each team to prepare to break camp. The 6 weeks is a world class experience for all and was so pleased to be a small part of the Cubs Spring Training. The new MLB Spring Training ballpark, now known as "Sloan Park" is the largest spring training park in either Cactus League or Grapefruit League and was sold out every game. The park atmosphere is like a major college football game with enthusiastic fans, incredible music, pictures being taken everywhere & especially in front of the "Wrigley Field" sign "Home of the Chicago Cubs" which is down the right field line. If course, in Arizona, the weather is sunny and in the 80's almost every game so seats on the berm are swept up quickly with beach towels covering all the grass & lots of sun burnt fans by the middle of each game. There is no place better than "Sloan Park" for a Spring Training game so come join the Cubs in 2016 in Mesa. Finally, the teams have broken for South Bend, Myrtle Beach, Knoxville, Iowa, & Chicago. I am in Myrtle Beach with the high A team for a few days. The opened had 6599 fans for a sell out and our club (Pelicans) won and played very well. This is another really great baseball atmosphere in the Myrtle Beach Ballpark. I hope you will try to take in a Cubs game in 2015. It will be an exciting season in Chicago and all the minor league affiliates. See you "At the Ballpark!"

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