Monday, October 7, 2013

Red Sox Stealing Bases & Hustle Game in 2013 Play-offs

Even though the Red Sox play Wall Ball often with the Green Monster in Fenway Park and Big Papi can still hit Home Runs to a deep right field area, the catalyst to their offense is the running and hustle game. Home Runs are certainly a positive but they do take days off. Stealing Bases and Hustle NEVER take a day off! The running game relies on the feet of Jacoby Ellsbury along with Victorino and Pedroia, However, with the hustle game ALL players can participate and gives the Red Sox additional tools that are ALWAYS available each game. Power comes and goes. But, the running and hustle game can go into action whenever a hitter makes contact or runners reach a base. In the play-offs, Ellsbury has a stolen base vs. Rays and taken 3rd on the overthrow. This exploded the inning in the 1st game after the error by Will Myers; Gomes hustled his way to a run from second base on an infield ground ball; Napoli hustled his way to a double off the wall; and ALL this running and hustle has the Rays on their heels and down 2-0 in the series. As a teacher and coach who strongly believes in teaching base stealing and encouraging hustle at all times, the Red Sox are proving this philosophy pays off even at the highest level. Heck with MoneyBall. I salute Manager John Farrell, his staff, and especially the athletes who love to run and hustle.

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