Friday, March 8, 2013

2013 Spring Training

Professional Baseball and Base Stealing: Let’s go back to 2012 Play-offs with the Tigers playing the Giants in the World Series. Detroits bats went quiet in the series when Home Runs were not coming off there bats and they just could not score. The same was true in the play-offs for the Yankees in the play-offs. There bats went quiet and they did not have the over-all team speed to manufacture runs. The Tigers stole 59 bases (26th in MLB) during the 162 game regular season and the S F Giants, who won the 2012 World Series, stole 118 bases (9th) during the regular season. The Giants had twice as many stolen bases which gave them a big edge in speed and the ability to manufacture runs. This is exactly what happened during the World Series in 2012. The Giants used their speed well and swept the Giants 4 games in a row. Now, I am waiting and watching to see how many teams are emphasizing base stealing during 2013 spring training. Always exciting when a few teams each year decide to run more and swing for the fences less so the team can be more consistent from game to game. “Speed Never Rests!” Coach Mike Roberts

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