Monday, July 23, 2012

Double Steal in Cotuit Kettleers Game vs. Harwich Mariners (Cape League) Game

Kettleers win vs. Harwich Mariners tonight included an outstanding double steal by Patrick Biondi (Michigan) who was on 2nd base and Tony Kemp (Vanderbilt) who was on 1st base in the 9th inning. Patrick stole 3rd on the 1st pitch and Tony stole 2nd behind him and the ball was thrown away at 3rd base. Patrick continued home on the over-throw and the left fielder threw the ball to home and the ball got past Brett Austin, Catcher from NC State. Tony Kemp then rounded third and scored all the way from 1st base. Speed is certainly fun to watch when the right players are teamed up. Patrick Biondi and Tony Kemp certainly are a base stealing pair that can turn a game around.

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