Wednesday, August 19, 2009

“Play-off Season to Remember!”

My coaching staff on the Cotuit Kettleers just completed our final meeting for the season after the 2009 Cape League Play-offs. Even though we had lost to the Bourne Braves in the Championship series the team had accomplished a great deal and many players improved their skills during the season. The team finished 2nd during the regular season in the Western Division then won a 1 game play-off vs. Wareham that was necessary due to the expanded league play-offs. The Kettleers then defeated the Y-D Red Sox (who had the best overall record in the league during the regular season) 18-4 in the final game of a 3 game series to move onto the finals vs. Bourne Braves where we lost the 1st two games in a three game series. Congratulations to Coach Harvey Shapiro and the Bourne Braves in winning the 2009 Cape League Championship!!
Our main goals are always to Lead the league in pitching as a team, steal the most bases, and play excellent defense. We struggled defensively but were very good in the other categories.
Base Stealing: 1st in Team stolen bases with 109 in 44 games. (All time Cape League record is 134 set by a team I coached at Wareham in 2000)
Base Stealing by Individuals: Chris Bisson led the league with 36.
Pitching: Jake Buchanan led the league with 0.84 era in 43 innings and only 6 walks
Play-offs: Finals for 2nd year in a row
Finally: The Kettleers only had 9 position players for the 6 play-off games. Those young men, along with a very competitive pitching staff, held the team together, competed every inning like it was their last of the season, and carried the coaches on their backs to the Championship series. The coaching staff is so appreciative of the effort put forth by these student/athletes from around the country. The “Cotuit 9” will go down in history as a team that loved the game, played the game with respect, and gave the Kettleer fans a “Play-off Season to Remember!”

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